Indian culture festival in Uppsala september 2012


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Incredible India 2012

From September 8th to 18th, this year's Indian festival can be experienced at different places in Uppsala.

Program will be updated continuously with more details

With reservation for changes!

The festival invites you to filmshows, classical concerts, dance theater, exhibitions, lectures, Indian market, food etc. ...

kl 17-23

CULTURAL NIGHT - Incredible India and Kultur Oasis in Håga entertains you with a guest appearance at BIZ & ART with music, food, market & mingle... at
Övre Slottsgatan 6, in the yard

Meet the entrepreneurs in the house - BIZ & ART, The Image format etc.
Listen to Oriental fusion & Jazz : Håkan Almkvist, Bobo Andersson, Hasse Bruniusson och Pal Johnsson

Erik Lind - Chef and the winner of the "Local chef" program will serve organic Food

Slideshow, photos & exhibitions

Arranged by: Kulturum, Kulturoasen, BIZ & ART

Fyrisbiografen showing Indian film "Munna Bhai MBBS".
A comedy by Rajkumar Hirani.
Winner of the "National Film Award for Best Popular Film" awards etc.

Arranged Kulturum, Fyrisbiografen, Indian embassy


kl 16-19

FILM FESTIVAL 'Bollywood and beyond ... "Bollywood on way to celebrate 100 years.
Uppsala Universitet, Engelska Parken, Geijersalen

We celebrate with lectures and film shows during three days with old and modern films.

LECTURES - Listen to guest Ajit RAI - a leading culture journalist who initiated numerous international film festivals in India and guest film- and TV producer Anuj GARG both from Delhi

16.00 Introduction by Heinz Werner Wessler - Professor in Indology at Uppsala University
Trailer with first Indian movie from 1913: Raja Harishchandra by Dada Saheb Falke
16.30 Choker Bali, 2003

Arr: Forum for South Asia Studies Uppsala University, Kulturum


kl 9-12





kl 13-23

Uppsala University, Main Building hall IV

”Regional Languages, English, Modern Standard Hindi and its Dialects” Heinz Werner Wessler - Professor in Indology at Uppsala University

”Garhwali and the history of Indo-Aryan: some observations” Claus Peter Zoller Oslo University

”Central Himalayan Oral Literature” Ram Prasad Bhatt - Professor in Indology, Hamburg University
Arr: Forum for South Asia Studies Uppsala University

”Bollywood and beyond...”
Slottsbigrafen, Nedre Slottsgatan 6 B

13.00 Introduction by Heinz Werner Wessler - Uppsala University
Raja Harishchandra av Dada Saheb Falke, 1913
Silent movie - live sitar music by Håkan Almkvist
14.00 Lecture with AJIT RAI - culture journalist from Dehli
15.00 Anand, 1971
Lecture with Anuj Garg - filmproducer from Dehli
17.30 Bollywood dance
17.45 Gandhi my Father, 2007
20.30 Guide, 1965

Arr: Uppsala University, Kulturum


kl 15.00
- 23.45

FILMFESTIVAL ”Bollywood and beyond...”
Fyrisbiografen, S:t Olofsgatan 10

15.00 Introduction and presentation of the films
15.30 Paar, 1984
15.30 Chadni Bar, 2001
18:30 Hazaaron Khwaishein aisi, 2005
18:30 Laado, 2000
21.15 Black Friday, 2004
21.15 Pyaasa, 1957


Arr: Uppsala University, Kulturum


kl 11-16








kl 15






kl 17.30

Incredible India at CULTURAL OASIS in HÅGA
Music, food, refreshments, & bazaar
Håga village center, bus No.6

Shashank - bambuflute
Satish Kumar - mridangam
Indias most famous and best musicians on a tour in Scandinavia.
Don't miss this fantastic opportuniny!

Orient Squeezers - Indian influenced contemporary fusion

Håkan Almkvist - sitar
Debasish Mukherjee - tabla
Bobo Andersson - Electric Guitar
Pal Johnson - bass
Hasse Bruniusson - electronic drums / orientsqueezers

Kathak dance - Veronika Tjerned & Debasish Mukherjee on tabla
Indian bazaar - Indian clothes, bags, handicrafts, incense, dance clothes, etc
Indian food & refreshments
Arranged by: Kulturum, Kulturoasen

One day when Victor boils tea in the market in Zebraa -
Dance & music show for children and family at
Gottsunda Dance & Theatre Gottsunda center, bus No. 3, 7, 14, 28, 42

Tea is boiled in the market in Zebraa. It smells wonderful of cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. Here it is never calm. Voices, pigeonkutter, quacking frogs and birds in the sky. A calf rests quietly and can an elephant mean bad luck? Sounding music and hilarious tones while the tea is boiling. When will it be ready?

Two worlds meet between the contemporary Swedish and Indian classical dance, Koochi Poodi. An actor, a musician and two dancers portray a day in the market ...
After the performance there will be a short workshop for children

WORKSHOP for adults in Indian dance - Koochi Poodi with Kristina Borg Wreath
Gottsunda Dance & Theatre: Bus No. 3, 7, 14, 28, 42

Dance, rhythm, short lectures and some Indian flavours & fragrances

Course fee: 250 k, 2 hours including chai and Indian snacks
Contact: Gottsunda Dance & Theatre 018-400410

Arranged Gottsunda Dance & Theatre, Kulturum







kl 18.30

Sadhna Ahlström - herself from India, presents and show pictures from a new started project "Children's Garden" at an orphanage in Dehli, India.

Per Sahlström tells and shows short films from women's cooperatives and textile crafts with organic cotton and plant dyes. He talks about ways to revitalize, develop and promote the local traditional crafts.

BIZ & ART Övre Slottsgatan 6, in the yard
Arr: Kulturum

kl 20.00

Ganapati - Indian classical raga
HIJAZZ at Central station

Sitar and tabla with Håkan Almkvist an Debasish Mukherje

Indian Kathak Dance- Veronika Tjerned

Arr: Kulturum, Hijazz


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